Hörmann Rollmatic 2 - Z-Wave with Fibaro Implant

There is a very simple setup for Hörmann garage doors. In my case I don’t have a Switch somewhere. I just placed the Fibaro inside of the Hörmann Controller unit. There is a lot of space left since that Implant is very small. The wireing is easy.



In openhab I changed 2 parameters:
156: 20 to 2 (Monostable 0.5s)
157: 21 to 2 (Monostable 0.5s)

I am happy with that setting. Just one thing, the status if its open or closed is unclear, you just trigger a switch… Trying to find a solution here too.

For now I have a cam within the garage. A content sensor would work too, but I would love to get the status from the Hörmann controller.

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