How am I supposed to get any device working?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage
    • OS: Openhabian from today
    • Java Runtime Environment: 17

Hi there,

Over the years a small amount of smart devices has accumulated in my tiny home.
I am at the moment trying to add my Xiaomi AirFryer and the DreamMe D9Pro, as wella s an Eqiva eQ-3 Bluetooth Smart (using the app calor bt). Neither of which seems to work with a standard. the Tutorial with the Hue Lights is not helpful to me … (My midea Silent Cool 26 pro WF is on its way.)

Let’s start with the DreamMe and maybe the AirFryer since both can be controlled from my android-phone via the xiaomi app.
So, I installed the Xiaomi Wifi devices (Mi IO) Binding in the hopes that I could at least find the robot (or the airfryer) without any problems … :smiley: .

But … well no.
It’s overwhelming and I couldn’t find any good tutorial/basics for getting it to work.
What’s the easiest way to get any device running?
There’s nothing working and it’s frustrating …

Did you check our documentation at

(search for Xiaomi)
To see if your devices are supported and if, by which binding?

I’ve installed the binding and the DreamMe 9Max is now connected … I am on pages at the moment, not knowing what to do … :smiley:

You‘d better spend some time with your getting started tutorials….

That’s what I am trying to do here …

If the steps are “add thing” , “add item”, “add it to page” there could be more info :smiley:
and for now these are the steps that I can find …

especially with the non-standard devices (the eqiva) and probably the midea it isn’t really straightforward …

and I was unable to find any tutorials to help me with that …

Once you have Things, it’s all the same no matter what the technology or communications work. An Item is an Item no matter what it’s linked to.

Non-standard devices may or may not be supported at all. Just because you can control it from an phone app doesn’t mean OH supports it.

As @hmerk mentioned above, you need to search for your device or the technology/API it uses to find which, if any OH binding works with it. If you find one, then how to set it up to work will be documented in that binding’s docs.

But once you have Things with Channels everything is the same.

The three pages in getting started are just examples. First an example showing how it works when devices can be discovered without any configuration on your part. Next an example that requires you to configure a “bridge” Thing manually before devices can be discovered… Finally all example where no discovery is possible and everything must be configured manually.

Which one corresponds to your device? :person_shrugging: That’s where the docs for the binding come in and will tell you what you need to know.


Got my vacuum to work, rudimentary.
The rest I have to figure out when I have more time at hand…
(I can start, pause and send it back to the charging station, for now). I’d like to have a map in the future…

Today, my midea cool finally arrived and it’s really quiet and working nicely. :smiley:

I have found this one: openhab-addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.mideaac at mideaac · JacekDob/openhab-addons · GitHub

but it does not say what to do…
I searched for the MideaAC binding in my openHAB installation but it’s not showing up and the documentation is also not helpful …
any hints on where to put what …

I feel like I just started my job again, no plan and no ideas :smiley:
it’s daunting … (btw. software engineer here :smiley: )

The midea binding you are linking is still in prototype/alpha" not even a beta" so no public official release for it has been published.
You can review the conversations around this binding here. But be aware it is not a fully user friendly solution. yet…
It is a very long chain so I would suggest you read the entire string before you jump too deep into implementing it into your system.
Also note no version for Openhab 4.0 has been compiled and release yet either.