How big is your system? (NO HELP NEEDED) {CHAT}

How big is your system (Sensors,Switches ect)
I have 25 ZWave devices: Power monitor, motion sensors, switches, siren, Water sensor, hand-held remotes, Garage door Openers and Sensors. I also hooked up my 3 networked Onkyo AV receivers.

How long have you been working on your setup
A little over 1 year.

How many lines of code run your rules (Total Lines of all files)
Around 600 lines. The biggest chunks of code are scenes for my AV equipment which I can control via my 3 Amazon Echo Dot’s or using the remote controls. I’m sure it could be streamlined a lot.

Whats the best feature your system has
We have a Aquatic turtle, the lights in the tank go on and off automatically. We also have a TV mounted to the back of the tank and send videos from YouTube to it. My wife also is prone to leaving the doors that open into the basking area open by mistake and we had the turtle jump out (it’s 5’ up). So now I have a sensor on it that sounds a siren if it’s left open too long!

What are you adding or doing next
I have been experimenting with automating streaming YouTube videos to the turtle tank’s Chromecast. I also have IP cameras and might do some integration with them in the future. I also have some Alexa controlled Wifi switches that I want to integrate plus a Broadlink IR transmitter to control our Mini-Split HVAC that I haven’t done much with.

Does everyone in your house like your system
Yes very much so although my wife isn’t too interested in the technicalities of it.

How much has it all cost
I don’t have too much of an idea but I suspect it’s less than $500.

My Occupation
I’m a database architect and have been in software development for many years. I enjoy tinkering with the IoT stuff, definitely a hobby.

In OH2.x z-wave devices can be discovered and then setup accordingly. Coming from OH1.8.x which is entirely a text based config I wanted the same in OH2.x, however that’s not fully possible at the moment. So in my setup I created all of the items and assigned them to the discovered z-wave devices.

Not a difficult process. Also you get to learn a great deal about how it all works together.

Happy to offer you support where I can if you need any.


How big is your system (Sensors,Switches ect)
4 light switches/dimmers/led strips
6 outlets
6 sensors
3 buttons/switches
1 thermostat
2 IR controllers/remotely controlled TV’s
2 phones used for presence via UniFi access point
3 Echos/dots
and a number of supporting things and virtual items

How long have you been working on your setup
About 2 years

How many lines of code run your rules (Total Lines of all files)
553 lines total, although this needs to be cleaned up. Lots of temporary stuff for testing and I haven’t really optimized anything.

Whats the best feature your system has
Don’t really have that many automations yet honestly. The laundry sensor is probably the most useful though. No more walking up and down the stairs constantly to see if the washer is done or just in one of long idle periods.

What are you adding or doing next
Cat detection to keep him off the counters! We are remodeling and will now have counters under a window. The countertop is barely set in place and he thinks it’s already his personal balcony.
Would like to find a good way to identify if/how many are in bed.

Does everyone in your house like your system
My wife called me lazy when I added the first outlet to my lamp. Then complained that Alexa didn’t control hers. :wink:

How much has it all cost
Probably around $300 not including the Echo’s or other items not primarily for HA. The most challenging part of this hobby is trying to do it on a reasonable budget.

How big is your system (Sensors,Switches ect) About 22 Power sockets controlled via 433 MHz and a Pi, 3 max! thermostats with temperature sensors, 2 window contacts, 4 amazon echos, IR control with the raspberry pi to control Samsung TV, Homecinema and Apple TV and a LED strip; Present detection with network scanning, implementation of Siri, Alexa, IFTTT, an iPad on the wall

How long have you been working on your setup half a year approx.

How many lines of code run your rules (Total Lines of all files) 2300 in whole, including empty lines between rules etc.

Whats the best feature your system has The funniest is: Alexa, ich muss kacken - Alexa, I need to poop: and the light in the bathroom turns on.Alexa, I’ve finished: and it goes out. The most useful is: Alexa, goodnight or goodbye: and all the lights and the heating turn off. The sequence to watch TV is useful, too: Alexa, I want to waste time: All lights goes out, Receiver, TV, Apple TV goes on and Netflix opens and automatically play the next episode of The Big Bang Theory.

what are you adding or doing next I bought an ESP8266 an a torque motor. I want to control my blinds with it. Thats the project for the next 2 month. When it works I will duplicate it for all 4 blinds. The idea with the motor isn’t professional, but intuitive and creative. Furthermore, I don’t have to open the blind motor - I am afraid of nothing is working after the operation.

does everyone in your house like your system yes, without the situation, when I turn off the light in the bathroom when my GF is in front of the mirror for hours.

how much has it all cost Amazon echos: 300 Euro, Max thermostats: 130, power sockets: 70, Pi: 60, IR control: 1 (oh yeah!), so together about 561 Euros (without the iPad)

  1. How big is your system (Sensors,Switches ect)
    8*2 switches, however rarely in use due to motion and voice
    10 netatmo sensors
    15 plant sensor
    7 alexa’s
    16 relays for heating, lights etc…
    72 *3 dmx controllers

  2. How long have you been working on your setup
    Since 2014 thats when I started to completely renovate and rewire the place

  3. How many lines of code run your rules (Total Lines of all files)
    I am using heaps of groups to make my rules short and reusable…

  4. Whats the best feature your system has
    Secret doorbell code to open door, voice control, and my custom made dmx light control. Everything is wired centrally in the fusebox with a PC PSU, super practical when I need 12,5 or 3.3V somewhere…

  5. what are you adding or doing next
    Currently I am installing all my custom made furniture then adding neopixel…

  6. does everyone in your house like your system
    Yes they love it! Except when rpi crashes…

  7. how much has it all cost
    No idea, can check it, but 1000-1500USD, depends how you calculate it. I needed lights and did all by 12v so I could do it myself, so then it turned out cheaper than have an electrician installing 58 downlights…

  1. appr. size of system:
  • 58 homematic devices (contact sensors, heating devices, Thermostats, power plugs, switches)
  • 30 Philips hue devices (lights)
  • 20 other Zigbee devices (Paul Neuhaus power plugs, Busch Jaeger switches)
  • 9 webcams (inside and outside) controlled with zoneminder
  • 6 Netatmo devices
  • 5 Amazon Echo
  • 3 hue bridges
  • 1 Homematic bridge + 1 Extension
  • 1 garadget door controller
  • 1 Logitech Harmony remote control
  • 1 Yamaha Receiver
  1. Time for setup
  • Started with OH appr. 1,5 years ago. Transformed from X10 based (> 10 yrs old) to current system.
  1. lines of code (incl. spaces, comments)
  • 1.400 lines for Item definitions
  • 4.400 lines for rules
  • 530 lines for sitemap
  1. best feature
  • Voice control (via Echo, Apple Watch)
  • Presence detection and house automatic mode when no one is there
  • gardenhouse to detect when postman deposits package, notifying via push message and coloured lights
  • simple Timer functions
  1. doing next
  • currently integrating AmazonEchoControl binding
  • integrate Viessmann central heating into OH
  • integrate webcams into OH (new zoneminder version and binding)
  • extend / redesign Sitemap
  • planning for smart lock (Nuki)
  • planning for LaMetric display integration
  1. does everyone like
  • son likes pretty much everything
  • wife does not like Amazon Echo, complexity of system
  • I like it!
  1. costs
    appr. EUR 8k
  1. Size of system
  • 65 Z-Wave devices supporting lighting, monitoring (temperature, humidity, energy, motion, doors, water detection, doorbell, emergency water shut-off), and door locks
  • 3 Big Ass Fans
  • 2 Ecobee thermostats
  • 4 Global Cache iTachs controlling TVs and Russound
  • 1 Liftmaster garage door opener
  • 1 Mi vacuum
  • 4 Unifi WiFi access points (for presence detection)
  • 3 Squeezebox players
  • 1 Russound CAA66 supporting 5 zones
  • 4 video cams
  • 24U wall mounted rack in basement
  • and of course openHAB, running on Logic Supply industrial computer in rack
  1. Setup time
  • Took about 12 months because I did it as a part of a major home renovation project
  1. Lines of code
  • Things ~80
  • Items ~1000 items
  • Rules ~5000 lines (and growing)
  • Sitemap ~800 lines
  • HABpanel
    • 3 lines (ok, so 2 of the lines are REALLY long, LOL)
    • 20 dashboards (probably a better measure)
  1. Best feature
  • It all comes together in HABpanel
  • Presence detection using Unifi binding and WiFi access points
  • Doorbell plays through audio zones based on presence and time-of-day
  1. What’s next
  • been messing with opencv to be able to detect people and vehicles in webcam feeds
  • would like to automatically inject Squeezebox favorites into HABpanel and Basic UI (using Selection widgets), saving lots of time keeping them in sync manually
  • motorized blinds, which will open automatically just before sunset when my SunsetWx binding predicts a great sunset :slight_smile:
  • make better use of energy monitors on electric utility and standby generator feeds
  • integrate Miele dishwasher and GE oven (both WiFi connected, but no binding support yet)
  1. WAF
  • Everything (except for zoned audio) can be controlled manually. 'Nuff said about that. :wink:
  1. Cost
  • Somewhere north of $15k plus lots of my hours building rack, running/terminating cables, writing rules, etc.

How much has everyone’s system changed since I wrote this post

Not much at all. I have fewer lines of code that do more thanks to triggeringItem and Member of. I’m also working on extending my system to monitor my dad’s house. I can now interact with Google Assistant directly to control things I’m my house instead of relying on Autovoice. Mine changes really.

I have more lines now I have learned alot since posting this all my rules are now text I’m slowly moving my items to text still alot too learn the todo lost keeps getting bigger :smiley:

I was going too do this for my nans house she died shortly after I posted asking for help I might do the same in the future for my mum’s house

When you say extend how do you plan to achieve this just sensors at your dad’s or an entire oh setup that you can moniter and controll

I would be interested to hear how you progress on this one

Hi @luckymallari
You started a teaser thread on this subject a while ago with a youtube video.
Are you now in a position to share you set-up
Can you share your set-up? Especially the dev port on the samsung. It’s a pain to get pip with the binding! And what RF modulator did you use?


Do you have a link for that

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Yh that’s pretty sweet I just subscribed to the channel too

It’s nothing special right now. I got a RPi 3, a zwave controller (actually my old one as I got a new one for my setup) and a single motion sensor. I configured the RPi to connect to my home network over OpenVPN at boot. I installed OH using openHABian and installed a minimum of add-ons, zwave, mqtt, and PaperUI. I configured the zwave binding with items on the channels of the motion detector and mqtt to connect to my home broker over the VPN connection and in mqtt event bus mode.

My home system has mqtt items to mirror those on his OH. I have rules to tell me where the system is online and to send me an alert if the motion sensor doesn’t trigger for too long of a time.

It is really modest to start but the infrastructure is there is of room to grow. If he decides he wants to control some stuff I can build in a sitemap and and more devices.

I probably could have stayed with something cheaper than zwave but I wanted something that would work the first time without needing to fiddle with it after.

Sounds like a good idea I like it you also told me too use zwave when I was going too do it for its reliability

  1. I already had Wired DSC security system with ElvisLink interface, MyQ Wifi Garage opener, Ecobee. I just acquired a ZWave stick and a wall switch; if they work out, I will be getting a bunch more wall switches and motion sensors.

  2. I am pretty new; stumbled on OpenHab by accident about 3 weeks ago.

  3. 612 lines in /rules, but this includes comments.

  4. I have no particular great features currently; mainly a bunch of alerts and automatic security system actions. A slightly more integrated one is to automatically unarm security system when the garage door is open and if it is determined that a owner is arriving home. Kind of hit and miss with the presence detection with my wife’s IPhone.

  5. I have quite a long list of things to do next: use ZWave motion sensor and wall switches to automatically turn on/off light in the rooms; similar sensors to turn on the fan when someone is in the shower area; whole home energy monitor (e.g. Brultech GreenEye Monitor, expensive but looks very promising) to detect if the oven is stilled turned on while someone is leaving the house; algorithm to randomly turns on light/music when the house is in vacation mode (through the Ecobee setting). Longer term; automatic main water shut off when leak detected, and motorization of the windows blinds.

  6. I am still early in this hobby but so far the wife already complained. She called me from work when she received an email with the title “Security system is in alarm: FIRE”. I was testing the alert rules at home and forgot to temporarily disable sending emails :slight_smile:

  7. Not much so far, but I can see the cost exploding soon. ZWave devices are expensive. And that Brultech GEM system is close to $600 + electrician installation cost. I don’t think my wife would like this.

How big is your system (Sensors,Switches ect)

  • around 400 items
  • a flat with full KNX/DALI - maybe 20 Lights, 60+ outlets, 10+ sensors and heating+venting
  • some home-brew extensions (3 Smarthomatic sensor-boxes, 4-room wired multi-room audio via mpd)

How long have you been working on your setup

  • some years now, but only occasionally when I added new items/rules

How many lines of code run your rules (Total Lines of all files)

  • today 1069 lines (output of: cat *.rules | wc -l)

What’s the best feature your system has

  • the self built beamer lift and the hard wired multi-room audio :smiley:

What are you adding or doing next

  • some remote sensors via MQTT to measure the reservoir fill state

Does everyone in your house like your system

  • It’s not appreciated/noticed by the rest of the family, except something is not working as usual

how much has it all cost

  • I don’t want to know :-:smirk: the KNX is still the most expensive part
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How big is your system (Sensors,Switches ect)
8 fire tablets (got them when they were $10 and $20 each), 2 echos, 1 pi, 4 cameras, 5 ESPs, 4 Zwave dimmers, 20 power circuits monitored with a TED 6000, 1 sonoff

How long have you been working on your setup
I have been aware of OpenHab since 1.8, but I only jumped in a few months ago (at my house)
Setup a demo at my work for people to see.

How many lines of code run your rules (Total Lines of all files)
5 line of code in OpenHab (Just to play sound on my tablets from NodeRed)
I run most of my rules/code in NodeRed about 6 “pages” of flows

What’s the best feature your system has
The thing that got me into this was building a control for my 20’ sliding gate, that I built from scratch.

The OpenMQTTGateway project is awesome for my little sensors / adapters.

Also my AC thermostat reverted to Celsius from Fahrenheit after plugging in the IR board, so the wife was very happy when she could control everything from the tablet in Fahrenheit.

What are you adding or doing next
Adding more sensors to my ACs for performance monitoring and condensation alerts.
Adding some more Sonoffs
Adding ceiling fan controls
Adding motorized pocket door

Does everyone in your house like your system
Everything has been very well received, except one of my Z-Wave dimmers occasionally flashes on and off when you use the manual switch vs OpenHab. Still looking into why that is…

how much has it all cost
I am frugal to a fault and only buy things when they are on sale… Like my $10 fire tablets lol so I only have about $300 in it.

What do you do
Electrical engineer

  1. i have 15 sonoffs some for lights some for boiler ac and power measurements
    i have also one RM2 and allot of repters so i only use one
    no DIY of my own :frowning:
  2. somthing like two years not my main thing…
  3. not sure i am using node red so can’t tell
  4. turn off turn on when not home
  5. want to build DIY stuff
  6. yes my wifes loves our smart home
  7. not much lets say 20 sonoffs and one RM2 rest of the parts are from home PCs and stuff
    but ever since i have spent somthing like 500$ on ali to build myself a lab… and i dont have time to work in hhh