How can I add 1.x lcn items to HABPanel

I have openHAB 2.1 installed, defined lcn switch in default.items file. Got basic UI working with that.

Now I want to configure items for LCN Bus e.g. simple switch for the beginning.
I wonder how this is done in the HABPanel UI. The problem is that the LCN items are not shown or found for configuration in the Paper UI
Please can you give me some description, ideally the steps needed to configure an LCN item in HABPanel. I hope with such example I can then get further.

Sample default.items

Switch OG_Schlafen_Tuer_M60 “Deckenlampe” {lcn="[myLCN:OUTPUT_STATUS.0.60.2], [ON:myLCN:ON.0.60.2], [OFF:myLCN:OFF.0.60.2]"}

Did you try a standard switch in HABPanel? While creating the switch you should be presented a list of the known items from which you can select your “OG_Schlafen”.

I found it thanks:
Solution: need to switch from “simple” to “advanced” mode. Go to Configuration->System->Item Linking and deactivate the “Simple Mode”. You will then have a new entry Configuration->Items which will show you all your items (also the ones from the files, but note that these are read-only).