How can I define thing properties when things are defined manually?

Hi folks,

I have a short question regarding the manuall definition of things via configuration text files. Is it possible to define thing properties when text files are used?


It depends. What Things/which binding?

Its for the lights in the deCONZ binding, but I was hoping for a general solution.

You should be able to. Check examples in this forum. You can also ‘reverse engineer’ the YAML generated by a UI-configured Thing and manually convert it into Things-file syntax.

That’s the point, I did not find anything in the documentation how you can define additional properties with the syntax for .things files.

There seem to be full examples in the binding page. Is that not what you’re after? What are the ‘additional properties’ that you want to define?

This does not contain additional properties which are displayed in the section Information → Thing Properties.

Maybe we’re not looking at the same page: I don’t see an Information > Thing Properties section on the page I linked.