How can I display 2 image side by side on sitemap?

With the sitemap is there a way to force 2 image to display side by side.
Right now the Temperature, Humidity panel display up,down, not side by side.
I like to get NestTemp, NestHum to display next to each other.
Here is my sitemap.

Frame label=“Front room” {
Switch item=FrontSW label=“Switch” icon=“switch”
Switch item=OCC_Front label=“Motion”
Slider item=FrontRooml label=“Front Room light”
Slider item=FrontRoom2 label=“Front Room light2”
Image url=“http://localhost:8080/static/grafana/NestTemp.png” refresh=30000
Image url=“http://localhost:8080/static/grafana/NestHum.png” refresh=30000
Image url=“http://localhost:8080/static/grafana/nest.png” refresh=30000 label=“Nest & outside”


I don’t think that this is possible
Anyone else?

I agree. I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible.

Not exactly what you want, but… when wanting to display 2+ values in the same row, I use a rule to create a string with those values when any of them changes. Then use that string item in sitemap.
Nothing to do with gauges, but if you are interested in values, that works.

There may be a way by saving the images and then merging them in one image and then displaying that.
It would have to be done on an external script though.

Appreciate all the reply.
I can already do this on local network either by displaying Grafana dashboard with 2 graph or creating a html. But so far both of this approaches do not work through remotely access.
My next step is trying to figure out a one of those approaches to work remotely.