How can i get directly a slider with switch on one card without a second click?

Hi. I’m using OH 3.4.2 with the normal direct available UI (main?) and some shelly bulbs connected. For these, i want do have a card in the Dashboard wich shows a slider and a switch above - directly on the same card. I’ve seen here some picture-examples which looks like a basic-ui thing.
But in the main-ui if i create a oh-slider-cell with on/off toggle and Slider for the lamps Brightness i got a button that switches on every click on or off (depends on what the first value is 0 or 100) and a 3 Dot Mark on the upper right corner. Clicking on that a the screen fills with only one vertical slider (‘vertical’ is ‘0’) and an X to close it. If i remove the toggle-command i get this sliding-page directly after clicking. But that’s not what i want. I want it all on ONE Card, together with a value and the Switch. Is this possible or is my setup broken in any parts? BTW. If i set ‘vertical’ to ‘1’ that changed Nothing. The Slider in it’s own window remains Vertical. One Point. The shelly bulb works with ‘auto-on’ because it did not provide a ‘switch’ i can use - or find the correct setting. So, the Switch on that Cell can only send 0 or 100 to the Brightness-channel.

What about this one ?

Great. That works OotB as i wanted. Thanks.


There is only one Problem i found out. The other Cards are placed automatical each under the other if i open the page with the oh-something cells and change the windowsize. But the 3 Lightcards i set up went smallish (a bit too small) if it is shown on a Display with lower horizontal size (PC-Monitor vs. iphone, the openhab-App on it). Can this bei changed to auto-rearrange linke the others do?
If i can set them up to show up completely vertical (not only the switch’s orientation) it could fit on a small display but i found no option for that.