How can i get notification message to my mobile from openhab2 without internet

hi to all,

       i am really new for openhab2 so that i could not able to hand openhab2

i am doing project with openhab2 so i have to know how to get notification message to my mobile & log, when i turn ON & OFF the Switch

when i switch ON the light,i need to get the message like “light is ON” & when i switch OFF the light,i need to get the message like “light is OFF” but this message should come in offline only (without internet connection) … please help me to get message by using local network (WiFi Router)

please let me know how to create the .item file & .sitemap & .thing & .rules for above requirement

so can you please help any one …

You’re asking quite a lot there and most of it is readily available if you search.

Break the problem down in to smaller parts and work on each part. Your list of .things, .items, .sitemap etc is a reasonable part break down to use. Search and use the existing samples and tutorials on how to create a light .thing, get your light set up and working on it’s own.

The one part that impacts the rules (if needed) is the decision about ‘notification on mobile’. So my question to you is what systems or services that are on your mobile (aside from what mobile platform?) can provide notifications? There are lots of them but most require internet access. You could consider something like MQTT monitoring if there is app out there that will subscribe and provide notifications…