How can i get the dominant color from an Image Item?

Hello, i want to make system to get dominantion color from image (Spotify Album Image) and set my LED strip to this color. Somebody can tell me how can i do it?

I have Image: Image Google_Home_Image "Image" { channel="chromecast:chromecast:home:image" }

Pretty much beyond the scope of this forum, and probably not something you want to attempt in OH.
However, if you can find a web-based service that’ll do it for you, that could work.

You could, for example, use google’s cloud api for this.

Here’s a method using Imagemagick. If you can get the image into a file, then you can run a script that contains the Imagemagick command. Not sure what hardware you’re running on, but there might be some performance issues with larger images on low-powered CPUs.