How detect PANIC status on a smoke detector using a group?

Hi all,

I’ve just started the conversion from a Domoticz system and I’ve found some things I really could use your help with. I’m running openhasbianpi 2.3 on my RPi3.
I have a Razberry zwave module on the GPIO and a usb rfxtrx433e device.

I have six smoke detectors, two is zwave and four are 433 Nexa LC lm 101 devices.
The two zwave devices are grouped using normal zwave linking. The Nexa devices are linked to in a master-slave mode, using one as master and three slaves. This allows the devices to have a “one triggers all” mode. This setup makes OpenHab discover three devices, the two z-wave and the master Nexa detector.

I would like to link these three devices and have one dummy switch to allow me to test the devices (ON/OFF) and show if any/all of the devices detect smoke.

I was thinking to create a group of the three detector things - but there seem to be a problem.
The Nexa device just has a “status” attribute that get set to PANIC when triggered so there is no binary sensor or alarm attribute as on the zwave detectors. Thus triggering the Nexa device doesn’t seem to set the group in “on” mode. (I tried creating a simple rule that detect change on the nexa status attribute - and the rule get triggered but logging the group status reflects no change)

So, my question is, what would be a good way to have the three devices work together? Maybe I have to create some additional code and items to manage this?

Keep your dummy switch. When the dummy switch receives a command trigger a Rule. Put your Zwave alarms in one Group and the RFX alarms in another.

ZwaveAlarms.members.forEach[ a | a.sendCommand(???) ] // ??? is whatever command you send to test the alarms
RFXAlarms.members.forEach[ a | a.sendCommand(???) ] // ??? is whatever command you send to test the alarms

Yes, kept the dummy switch, but it proved to be a bit different problem than I thought.

The Zwave detectors are Heiman HS1SA and as it turns out, they only have read only attributes, so there appears to be no way to test them from OH.

That left me with the one/four Nexa detectors, that already work as a group independently from openhab, where only the master is detected (as per design) by OH.

If I connect a group to the master device Status attribute, that group doesn’t receive a change when the attribute changes (don’t know if that is per design or if I’m missing something)

So, the solution was just to connect a dummy switch with two rules, one for when the switch is changed and one handling the change of UI-switch when there’s a change to the Status attribute (actual smoke detected)

br Jörgen