How do i check items status and send telegram message?

I have a rule when everyone leaves the house so all the shutters will close and all the lights also turn off so I am interested in adding to the rule or creating one in addition that after 5 minutes he will send me a message to the telegram what the condition of each item appears in the rule
It is possible?

rule "Routines Away"
    Item athome changed to OFF

    createTimer(now.plusSeconds(10) , [|
    shelly_shellyrgbw2_color_a69cda_control_power.sendCommand(OFF) ///RGB מטבח
    shelly_shellyrgbw2_color_a57295_control_power.sendCommand(OFF) ///RGB סלון


You already know how to use a timer, which part is giving you trouble?

I forgot to update that I was able to get the desired result I wanted

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