How do i connect MQTT.fx to Openhab2 as both installed on pc

Hello everyone. I am new to this automation thing. As i have muiltyple laptops and i dont want to use raspberryPi. Please someone provide me step by step method for connecting MQTT.fx to openhab2. Both softwares are installed on my laptop.

I think that is not possible; here the principles:
MQTT is a communication protocol that operates through a BROKER (a piece of software that relays messages); devices and other systems publish to the MQTT broker or subscribe to it. Publishing and subscribing is more finely tuned through topics. So your sensors publish to the MQTT broker, OH2 subscribes to get information about the sensor status; or the other way round, an actuator is subscribed to the MQTT broker (i.e., is listening) and OH2 publishes commands to the broker.

MQTT.fx is a separate program that visualizes what your BROKER does. So MQTT.fx needs to connect to your BROKER and you can scan for topics, subscribe to those you can find and even publish your own messages.

In other words, the MQTT broker is so to speak the dispatcher to and from OH2 and all your MQTT sensors and actuators. Everything you can do with MQTT.fx has to be done to the broker (listening to messages, sending messages). If you subscribe with MQTT.fx to the right topics (defined in your item configuration), you can read what OH2 publishes and if you know to which topics OH2-items have subscribed you can publish to those topics and check for reactions of OH2.

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