How do i connect two openhab instances?

I have two openhab instances, one is my main openHab System(basement) and the second is in my living room, where all other sensors are connected.

Is there a way to send all sensor data from my slave openHab to my main openHab?
I also have some switches which need to send the switch state to the main openHab.


You are my hero, thank you

Any particular reason why you run a second openHAB instance in your living room?

My main openHab is running on my home server in the basement, where a few other VMs are running.
And i can’t establish any connection from my zigbee devices to the main openHab.
Between the main openHab and the slave openHab are two floors.

Ever thought of forwarding your Zigbee stick to your basement via ser2net?

Hm that’s a good point, thanks i will check it out. Does it also will work with an docker openHab installation? My main openHab Server is running in docker.

I am no docker expert, but I don‘t see any reason why it should not work.

If it is zigbee then you put in a few zigbee devices that are routers on each floor and it should mesh to the basement?

I have a sonoff zigbee switch and it routes and I can extend my range of zigbee devices.

Just a thought.

I know that should be possible, but my device count is less than 8 and i use them only on the living room.

@hmerk Thank you for the good point, i used this tutorial Share Z-wave dongle over IP (USB over IP using ser2net / socat ) guide and it works really good.

Great, so you can mark this topic as solved…

You can use also MQTT :slight_smile: