How do I control hue groups?

Hey all. So I may have searched poorly or maybe I am too much of a newb to figure this out, but how do I control a group of hue bulbs in openhab 2?

I don’t use hue stuff but the principle is the same:

  1. Create a Group item (give the Group a type and a function).
    Example: Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) Lights "All Lights [(%d)]"
  2. Make the items that you want members of this Group
  3. Control the Group item

For more info, check out:

Huh… Is the only way to create a group within the file itself? I thought the paperUI would allow you to do it. Sorry if these are basic questions, I am just now starting to dive into OpenHab. I am currently on smartThings

Of course PaperUI does allows you to create Groups and assign items to them.
You can use the info from the Groups link above within your PaperUI configuration steps.
I couldn’t find a step by step docs entry on Group creation using PaperUI but it should be straight forward to do it.
I think that you may have to disable Simple mode in Item Linking to see the Items menu on PaperUI and use that to create and assign Groups