How do I create one Group with different content - Help me understand

I would like to have a User Sitemap for my Family. In the Sitemap they are able to change climat or heat in the Livingroom.
The on my Admin Sitemap I would see much more informations like the valve or the battery etc…

I donot quite understand how group works. I would like to use the same items file for both group (User and Admin). This would make sence otherwise I would have to do modification on both wich is “dangerous”.

So, how do I create 1 Group Eg.: Livingroom, that shows different content?
For Users they would see less things than for Admin.

I do run openHab on my nas with docker
I do have the latest openhab 2.5
I also do have a Admin sitemap, a User sitemap and a home.items files.

Thanks for the help

I managed to solve it by mayself.
I wasn’t aware that a group could be costume in the sitemap.

I created groups in items, so when I loaded thes groups in my sitemaps there where not “editable” like I wanted to.

Now I took the same group name but put some different values in my sitemaps and now it is working like I was expected.

Hope that helps other beginners too…

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I’m usually creating the sitemaps directly with the items.
The problem with groups is that you cannot sort them in any manner. So after a reboot your sitemap that shows all items of a certain group might display the items in a different order than the last time.

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