How do I display default items formattings and unit of measure in a custom widget

Dear community,

I created a list of SNMP items (temperatures, %, time, etc.) with ng-repeat using a filtered with an item group.
No default formatting and UOM of the items file is used. For the dummy widget, it works fine and in the different topics I read, everything is manually defined in the widget.
Do you think there’s a solution or maybe an evolution possible ?

  <tr  ng-style="{  'color': 'white'}" ng-repeat="item in itemsInGroup('SNMP') | orderBy:'label' | filter:'snmp'">
  	<td align="left" ng-style="{  'color': 'white'}">{{}}</td>
  	<td align="left" ng-style="{ 'color': 'white' }">{{itemValue(}}</td>