How do I get a Wemo Switch to work in OpenHab

I’m new to OpenHab, I have setup the OpenHab on a PC and configured the different rooms, I just don’t understand how to connect a Wemo Switch to OpenHab.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Anthony,

Assuming you’re talking about the wall plug, not the light switch?

If so, I followed the guide at:


  1. Setup the switch and make sure it works in the phone app.
  2. Add the Wemo binding to the addon folder (it is available from in the addons package)
  3. Add the switch configuration to the Items file - format would be something like: Switch BedroomLight “Light” (gBedroomMaster) {wemo=“Bedroom Light”}
    The wemo value should be discovered and logged in the console when the server is started.
  4. Add the switch to your sitemap with something like: Switch item=BedroomLight

I’m also relatively new to OpenHAB so apologies if this isn’t the best practice way - I just know it worked for me.

All the best,

Hello Anthony,

The wiki below is an sample project to set up WeMo Switch using openHAB in Yocto Environment.
You can take a look as it show steps by steps.

Hope it helps,

Thank you I was able to get the WeMo switch working after reviewing the information you sent me. I appreciate it very much.