How Do i get BSH home connect?

as i could see in:

there was some progress in the BSH Home Connect Binding.

How do i get the binding to my docker container ? What’s the best way ?`

Thanks in advance


In the solution of Where to place extension .JAR file? it is described how to copy a binding/jar file into a docker container.

that means, that i have to compile the binding my self ?

The latest compiled jar file that I am able to find is this:
You can download the jar file and place it in the docker folder as described in the other post/thread.

thanks for that link! how do i search in jfrog ?

I am struggling with the jfrog web interface so I do not know how to use that one.
You can browse through the directories as they are open and list the content you may start at

One possibility for the search would be google search like

Use the q parameter for your search while the as_sitesearch restricts the search to

thank’s a lot

got it working… up to now, installation were really easy and smooth

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