How do I get OpenHAB2 to work with my Alexa

I understand this is a general question, But I have my OpenHAB2 up and running. I can turn lights on and off. Now How do I take the next step and get Alexa to do it. Is there some software out there? What “Kind” of software (Bridge, Hub, Etc…) I tried to get the ha-bridge up. (which I did) but I see no way to connect it to OH2. I think that’s supposed to replace it or something.

Total Noob here, just looking for the next steps to take,

You have several options: Official Alexa skill, hue emulator, …
In either way, you have to use the syntax definitions in

Short example for the Alexa skill (after setting it up properly according to the instructions):

Your working switch from your items file:

Switch TestSwitch "My Test Switch" { your_binding="...." } becomes

Switch TestSwitch "My Test Switch" [ "Switchable" ] { your_binding="...." }

Then let Alexa search for new devices and you should be able to turn the light on and off via “Alexa, turn My Test Switch on” or “Alexa, turn My Test Switch off”

OK, I am going with the Hue emulator. It seems to do more things, and I want to incorporate my harmony eventually too.

I read the link you provided, and TOTAL noob question, I see things like this:

Switch TestSwitch1 “Kitchen Switch” [ “Switchable” ]
Switch TestSwitch2 “Bathroom” [ “Lighting” ]
Dimmer TestDimmer3 “Hallway” [ “Lighting” ]
Number TestNumber4 “Temperature Set Point” [ “TargetTemperature” ]

Where do I put this? What is this? I assume this is a config file, but where does it go and what is it named?

Sorry for the basic questions…

Not necessarily. The hue emulation is an intermediate solution because there was no official skill available. I doubt that it will be expanded to support new functionality.
Instead the Alexa skill is in constant development and the maintainer is implementing new functions as soon as they come available through Amazon.
The downside: it’s a cloud based solution (through openHAB cloud connector) and not everyone likes that. But if you are using Alexa you should not be too concerned about using other clouds too :grinning:

That can be done through the Harmony binding. You can visualize the functionality of all installed bindings through one graphical user interface, e.g. BasicUI. This has to be done through sitemap files.

Start by reading these docs:

Those are items definitions. They go into a text config file, e.g. named myhome.items or whatever you want to name them.
Note that in openHAB2 there are items you can define through graphical user interfaces, like PaperUI or manually through text items files.

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Shameless plug here but note Alexa-HA is another option for Amazon Echo & OpenHAB integration: