How do i get the unknow z-wave device up and running in OH3

I bought a new zwave device and unfortunately it isn’t in the database:
It is a AXIS T8341 PIR Motion Sensor

The database is a community effort. If you have a device that is not yet in the database then you can add it yourself. Go to the database website and click on the link in the banner that says “Database Users Guide” that will take you through the steps to get edit access to the database and create a new entry for your device.

thx justin, i found the website (with some detours) before i posted this message… the functionality described in the guide is not available to me, support ticket did not work and i got no feedback on my contact form… so thats why i’m looking for help in the community to get the device working…

According to the database maintainer, the ticket system was having some issues last week that got cleared up a few days ago. It’s possible that you were impacted by those. Check to see if your ticket has been acted upon now and if not try to resubmit it. If that still fails, then let us know here and we’ll try something more direct.

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