How do I retrieve Harmony Hub JSON configuration in openHab2?

After updating to openHab2 and installing the openHab2 harmony hub binding, I noticed that the harmony hub JSON configuration is no longer listed in the log when debugging. Additionally, the JSON configuration is no longer listed on my android phone under “home/Harmony/userConfig.json”. Any thoughts on another way that I can retrieve the JSON configuration? I’m trying to get a complete list of devices connected to my harmony hub. The discovery mode for openHab2 didn’t find my ecobee thermostat, nest protect, or lutron lights that are all connected to my harmony hub.

edit: I just needed to restart openhab, and then going to http://YourServer:8080/rest/channel-types

Did you already found a solution? I try to use the ‘buttonpress’ actions, but can’t figure out what I need to put in the mappings…


Bridge harmonyhub:hub:wasa “Harmony Hub” @ “Living Room” [ host=“” ]

Bridge harmonyhub:hub:wasa [ name=“Harmony Hub”] {
device onkyo “Harmony Onkyo” @ “Living Room” [ name=“Onkyo AV” ]


String Harmony_Onkyo “Onkyo Button Press” { channel=“harmonyhub:device:wasa:onkyo:buttonPress” }


Switch item=Harmony_Onkyo mappings=[“Mute”=“Mute”] label=“Mute Onkyo”

this is not working…

2017-08-10 21:33:49.557 [ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘Harmony_Onkyo’ received command Mute

But nothing happens.