How do you add charts too sitemaps

Hi everyone should be a simple one

looking for pointers on adding some charts too sitemaps


EDIT Just got a chart added are these the only ones available they are not as nice as the ones in habpannel ?

Have you considered to take a look into the Chart documentation?

Hi Opus

i have wanted too add charts for quite awhile i did read the docs a while ago but could not get this working

just decided too look again the information there is alot better now it must have been edited since the last time i looked

Can you pick other chats for basicui or are you stuck with the default ?

These are only build-in charts. Search for grafana in order to use “nicer” charts.

I’m already running InfuxDB and have installed grafana but not got around too building charts there looks complicated its also on my todo list :slight_smile:

Nice thread here.
Was up and running quickly.

your link doesen’t work

Sorry, fixed now.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Aaron,

Let me know how it turns out if you would. I installed InfluxDB/Grafana while on RPI 2 and wasn’t happy about the performance. On RPI 3 now, thinking about giving it another shot.


I’m also running on a RPI 3

when i swapped over too using influxdb i did notice that my habpannel accessed from an ipad was now extremely slow when processing graphs and charts

as i said earlier i have still not tried the grafana stuff i will post back

Sound like running influxdb, will need more than an RPI. That’s very similar to my experience using RPI 2.


its pretty responsive when not using the ipad like straight from a laptop browser

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Hey, maybe there’s hope after all…:smiley:

its also an optional openhabian component so i’m sure it must run nicely on a rpi

Openhabian runs on more that the RPI, but I’m keepin my hopes up.:crossed_fingers:

but theres alot of people running it on RPI so i don’t think they would include it or would include a perfomance warning if ran on PI