How do you move an openhab configuration from Mac to raspberry pi?

I have made a new configuration in openhab 3 on my mac. How do I transfer this installation to a fresh openhab 3 installation on my raspberry pi ?

Backup on your Mac:

Restore on your Pi:

What is the password for a standard Mac openhab 3 installation ? When trying to run the backup script I am being prompted for a password?

Not sure how it works on a Mac, but if you’re using the commands from the documentation then I presume it’s asking you for a password because you’re using sudo. In that case, it’s whatever your own Mac user or administrator password is.

Hm… sorry for keep asking, but I am linux newbie. I have tried to run the command from the terminal and within the openhab shell using my Mac adm password, without any luck.
Is there any other way of moving configuration and userfiles?

Login as admin in a shell on your MAC.
Then run the backup command without the sudo in front.