How do you send a 4 digit alarm code to a DSC panel to arm/disarm the system?

I have the stable openhab2.2 running with the DSC binding. The DSC binding installed and was configured without a problem. I have set up the things and items, which seem to work. It will show that the partition is ready and when zones are open or closed. I am now trying to figure out how to send a 4 digit alarm code to the panel so that I can arm and disarm the panel from openhab2.2. I have read the documentation multiple times and have search the forum without coming up with a solution. Based upon the documentation of DSC rule, I have tried sendCommand (SEND_DSC_ALARM_COMMAND, “071,1234”) were the alarm code is 1234. I have tried multiple iterations without success. I also noticed there is a channel called Panel_PanelCommand which is number, but is not documented in the manual. I was hoping I could send a digit or number via that command to the panel, but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

You don’t send the code to arm/disarm. you just set the partition_arm_mode to a number.

This means anyone with access to your site map could disarm the alarm. You can work around this using virtual items and rules to act like an alarm code. I believe Habpanel has a key pad widget.

Thanks that works. I plan on using habpanel alarm key widget and a rule to arm/disarm the panel. I just assumed that I would need the alarm code to arm the panel from openhab.