How do you tell if mqttActions.publishMQTT fails?

how do you tell if mqttActions.publishMQTT fails?

MQTT channel defined as follows:

Bridge         mqtt:systemBroker:embedded-mqtt-broker                             "Moquette System Embedded MQTT Broker"        @ "Family Room"                          [host="localhost", secure=false, retain=false, url="localhost:1883" ] {

Thing  topic Generic_Moquette_MQTT_Thing                                                               "Generic Moquette MQTT Thing"  @ "Family Room" {                         
              Type    string : TableLamp_Color_Picker_MQTT                                            "Table Lamp Color Picker MQTT Channel"                                                                                                                  [ stateTopic="tuya/3543376268c63ae3f978/25f1f8c229dacaa6/", commandTopic="tuya/3543376268c63ae3f978/25f1f8c229dacaa6/"]

Having an .items

Color                           TableLamp_Tuya_Smart_Color_Picker           "Table Lamp Lumimen Bulb Color Picker [%s]"                                                                                                                                                                                                                     {channel="mqtt:topic:embedded-mqtt-broker:Generic_Moquette_MQTT_Thing:TableLamp_Color_Picker_MQTT"}

having a .sitemap as:

sitemap MangesHome label="Manges Home Automation" {
    Frame label="Table Lamp Tuya Bulb"{

        // turn the color bulb off
        Switch item=TableLamp_Tuya_Smart_Color_Picker  

        // pick the color level to send to the color bulb via MQTT color Channel
        Slider item=TableLamp_Tuya_Smart_Color_Picker minValue=0 maxValue=100 step=1

        // color picked and sent via MQTT Color channel
        Colorpicker item=TableLamp_Tuya_Smart_Color_Picker icon="colorpicker" sendFrequency=30000

Basically I am trying to control a color light bulb via an MQTT color channel

The implementation of the color channel works except every once in a while the command will fail and I see the response in openhab.log file.

Is there a way to get notified that the command failed before leaving the rule?