How do you use the IP camera binding with Habpanel and is it reliable?

I have a Dahua DH-SD22204T-GN (wired), which I basically only use in combination with Habpanel. I have it several years, the setup never worked reliable for more than a few days.
If I use Dahua sofware, it does work reliable. So I expect it has to do with how the IP camera binding retrieves the camera picture. Last week I updated to OH 3.1.0 and the problem seems worse now. When the IP camera binding is running for a couple of minutes, the camera becomes unreachable (HTTP access locks up, need to disconnect the camera power)
Poll time is set to 1000ms

Any experiences or other way to setup ? It seems to me polling the camera is not the best way, it the camera just can send a stream.

See this thread to see if the work around helps you.

Amcrest camera work around for http 500 errors - Hardware / Home Automation - openHAB Community

It always helps to use TRACE logging to get the reason why and use that to search the web forum, without some log output to help diagnose, the above is all I can offer.

Yes you can display a stream in habpanel, there is also a widget to help you do that found in the forum. If your on OH3.1 I would recommend you instead use the main UI widgets (also on forum) and not bother setting up habpanel as I would expect it to get phased out as the main UI is replacing it.