How does Nest binding play with programmable schedules and presets?

I’m finally starting to get the hang of the Nest bindings on OpenHAB and have been happily playing around with creating rules and scripts. I have however noticed that OpenHAB Nest bindings do not appear to have any channels for accessing the Nest thermostats’ programmable schedules or temperature presets (eco, comfort, sleep) which would be configured in the Google Home (or old Nest) mobile app. This has lead me to a few questions about possible conflicts between programmed schedules / presets and commands sent to the Nest via OpenHAB:

1.) Are commands sent from OpenHAB treated by the thermostat as equivalent to a manual setpoint “hold”?

2.) Will programmed schedules or presets override a setpoint command that was issued to the thermostat by OpenHAB?

3.) Is there a way to cancel a command that has been issued from OpenHAB so that the thermostat can return to its regular programmed schedule / presets?

4.) Does OpenHAB have access to the schedule / preset settings? If so, how do I access them?

I’ve looked through the Nest Binding documentation (Nest - Binding | OpenHAB), but didn’t see any mention of the programmable schedule events or temperature presets. There’s apparently some kind of smart Eco algorithm that I guess tracks manual changes to the setpoint and creates some “smart” schedules for the thermostat. I’m also curious if that might override any settings that we apply. Or maybe it considers commands from OpenHAB as manual changes and incorporates them into its algorithm?

I’m new to Nest thermostats as well as being new to OpenHAB, so I’m a bit fuzzy on how this all works. Thanks in advance for any insight!