How does Sonos really integrate?

So in a perfect world, I would have:

  1. Local mp3 library.
  2. Indexed with something like AirSonic and using as streaming server locally to provide better ability to select media by types or artists.
  3. Integration of Sonos ONE with Alexa into OpenHAB
  4. Integration of OpenHAB? into Amazon Alexa.
  5. Be able to say “Alexa Play X Song” or “Alexa Play X artist” and have it play on the Sonos.

OK so it’s my understanding the Alexa piece isn’t natively supported now. So if let’s start simple. If I have local media or even a streaming service and have my Sonos devices connected to OpenHAB with a Binding. What does that do for me? How do I play music, how do I select music? How do I select an artist? How do I tell it which Sonos ONE to play on? Isn’t OpenHAB pretty much just going to give me some play and stop buttons or something?



Looking quickly at the sonos binding your can do quite a lot and there are plenty of examples in the forum
But remember that openHAB is an Home Automation platform, not a glorified media player.

Thanks for the reply. As for home automation vs media player, not sure how to separate the two. Speaking to Alexa for instance to turn on the lights is no different than speaking to Alexa to play certain kinds of music on a Sonos. To me all of this is considered home automation.


When using home automation, you want your devices to do somthing on their own (automated) as opposed to work remotely controlled.
In regard to a media player a user selection is needed, so no real automation is needed. Controlling the player remotely is possible, even with Alexa and Sonos, however the needed integration in an UI (for example select a song) in order to have all functions of the Sonos Control App prevents people (at least me) from doing that. Alexa can start/stop playing Radio stations on the sonos Players. OpenHAB can send TTS Messages to the boxes. Anything else is done via the sonos Control App.