How does syncing work?

I’ve got an openhab cloud instance hosted on a vm instance at google. After I was able to connect I exported a few items to see how things work.

I now want to export additional items, but I can’t get them to sync. The currently exposed items are syncing just fine, but none of the new ones are.

How does syncing work? Is my openhab instance responsible for updating the cloud?

My current config looks like this. Does this look correct?

expose=( \
  "kitchen_dimmer", \
  "entry_way_switch", \
  "backyard_light_switch", \
  "family_room_dimmer", \
  "guest_bath_dimmer", \
  "dining_room_dimmer", \
  "nursery_dimmer", \

Yes. Your cloud instance will not be aware of the shared Items until there is a change to those Item on your local OH.

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So what kind of change? I was toggling lights on and off and my cloud instance was definitely not updating. I inserted a few logging statements and it looks like it was getting into itemupdate. I saw my log messages but only made it so far before I got tired and gave up.

I should just be a change to the Item’s state. An update may be enough. I couldn’t explain why it isn’t working for you.