How i can use the HUE Binding without the Thing discovery

Hey Guys

How i can use devices without using the Thing discovery or the Browser stuff in general? For the EnOcean binding i got a file to set the Setup, on the hue binding i don’t get one. So with 1.x i was able to edit one file and add all Binding information on it and later add the Hue lights over the items file.

Do someone can explane me this ? Thanks !!!

*.cfg files are only needed for 1.x bindings. 2.x bindings are configured via PaperUI or HABmin.
You still can manually define your things/items/sitemaps in text files, examples are in the binding doc:

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Got it so i install the binding over the PaperUI and connect the Bridge but i don’t need to add the things ?


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aight thanks :slight_smile: