How many posts before I can add more than one image?


just wanted to know how much posts I need to be able to attache more than one image to a post (to describe my issue).


Not sure but, as an alternative, upload the picture to Imgur and link it here. It’s very useful application to have :slight_smile:

Apparently more than two :slight_smile:
Maybe it is “time based” alongside with number of posts :grin:

Kindly mark these uploads as “private” in Imgur so they don’t show up for ever user there (Tons of downvotes waiting otherwise). You can still share the link and whoever has this URL is able to see it.

In addition to that, I am not a big fan of using third party services. Once they are down or disappeared, a post might be worth nothing and not might help others to resolve the issues without the images which are lost for good. :slight_smile:

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I’ve upgraded you to a “member” level so the restrictions on number of photos per post is lifted.


Thanks a lot! :+1: Verry appreciated!

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