How remove Navigation bar

openHAB 3.2.0

It is possible to remove the display of this bottom bar?

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I don’t think there’s a way to hide the tabbar completely. The overview page is built as a tabbed page so that and the pieces you can configure don’t have access to highest level of that page so the usual tricks with css and f7 variables won’t work here. You can also use the Home Page editor (click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the overview page) to hide the Locations, Equipment, and Property tabs, but even if you do that there will still be the one tab for the overview page.

You can hide the tabbar for some users. In Home Page editor, the top option is Display Model Cards To. If you set this to administrators, then anyone who logs in as an administrator will see the tabbar but anyone who accesses the site as a regular user or as a not logged in guest will not see the tabbar.

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So the tabbar hides for me completely with the following settings:

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Right. The issue here is the funny way the Display model cards to system works. There’s no way to use this system to hide the tabbar for ALL users. So, you just have to decide how to configure it for most users.

There are three types of UI users (admin, user, and not logged-in guests), but only two options on the dialog setting. If neither option is clicked than the tabbar is displayed to all users, including guests. Once a selection is made, the system considers that selection an exclusive selection so that guests are now automatically excluded from seeing the bar. In order to exclude guests like that, however, at least one of the include options needs to be checked, so there’s no way to exclude all three.

So the trick is to just find the option combination that excludes the most user types that really doesn’t need to see the tabbar. For me, that’s setting administrators as I’m the only administrator and my other users don’t need to see it. For others that really don’t want to see the tabbar ever that could be users and then just not have any basic user accounts.

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I also thought about it. This access policy is especially problematic when used by multiple users with different access areas. it’s not completely happy.