How this HomeKit bridge actually works?

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New here and already have problem understanding something. Does the HomeKit add-on replaces the Apple TV 4th gen. (or iPad) that is officially required by Apple to act as a hub? Or can I have my current setup and add some devices to OH and expose them to HomeKit?

I’ve got homekit connected to my openhab, and although I do have an apple tv 4th gen connected to it, I don’t think it is really being used since I do all my rules, etc with openhab. All you need to do is tag items with the appropriate tags and they will show up in apple home once you’re all paired up and stuff. This is really separate from automations you would do in openhab.


You can think of OH with HomeKit as a hub for connecting everything (almost - some item types are not yet supported) that you declared in openHAB as HomeKit devices showing up in the Home app on Apple devices. The automation can be carried out by openHAB rule engine without any problems (eg: you tell Siri to turn something on, and a rule in openHAB triggers many other actions you want done).
Tagging of the items to be exposed to HomeKit is a must!

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You would still need an Apple TV or an iPad in order to use HomeKit when you aren’t home. You still could remotely control your devices with myopenhab or when you are home using HomeKit.