How to access OSGi console if openHab already running

I have configured openHAB to start automatically. How can I access the OSGi console if openHAB is already running in background.
I tried already to start in console port 5555 and then to access it with telnet localhost 5555. But whatever I do telnet gives me
Trying ::1…
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

And: With netstat I do not see port 5555

Any idea what I might have done wrong or how I can access OSGi console if openHAB is already running?

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Have you double-checked that there is a -console 5555 option in the openhab start command (in the startup script)? I use the telnet access often so it does work. I also see the 5555 listening port in netstat.

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Yes I checked that. It even does not work if I start openhab manually with sudo ./ -console=5555 and then try to access it via telent from another terminal session. Same error.

I’ve installed openHAB via apt-get so I don’t have, but check that the command line argument gets passed through. You may need to edit to add the -console=5555 so it gets picked up

Ok, got it. I entered the console and see osgi> now. What do I have to enter so see the log permanent?

You don’t need the console to see the logs. By default all the logging is written to a log file. When installed via apt-get those files are located in /var/log/openhab. With a “portable” installation I think if is located in <openhab home>/logs.

The OSGi console is for starting, stopping, and seeing the status of bundles.This article lists some of the more common commands you can use on the console.