How to Activate Custom Binding is OH2 Beta1?

It seems different from alpha1. Previously, I just added an addon in /addons folder and then include a config file in /conf/services and define things, then the addon would start automatically. But, Beta1 seems a bit different. Do I need to manually install and activate it after running with openhab-distro package or edit addons.cfg?

With feature:list, i could see my custom binding is “INSTALLED” but not “ACTIVE”, is there additional step that i need to do? Thanks

Beta1 and onwards use different OSGI components than Alpha2. This is probably the basis for the differences.

You would be better off, I think, using a later build than Beta1. You can get one here.

Also, your services might need to be marked immediate="true" in your OSGI-INF directory.

Thanks Watou.

When i tried to manually start the custom binding, i am getting the following error:

Unresolved requirement: Import-Package:

So, my question is on beta1, how to get this package to be installed as i assume the default distro does not include it?

I found a way to load the required package. FYI, this is the command:

openhab>feature:install esh-io-transport-mqtt

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