How to add a channel for a Z-Wave config parameter

I have a couple of the Trane TZEMT thermostats. To set a Hold or Resume the schedule requires a change to config parameter 132. This is inconvenient, as there’s no easy way to link this operation to the UI.

I’d like to add a channel to be able to set the Schedule Mode (Hold or Schedule). I wanted to confirm the correct way to do this before attempting to edit the database.

In the DB entry for this device (here), I would

  • click the green + sign under the CONFIGURATION command class,
  • add the Channel field config_decimal
  • add the Config field parameter=132
  • add the Label field Schedule Mode
  • save

I then would define an item linked to this channel, and would control the schedule mode by sending a 0 or a 1 to set the Hold or Run the Schedule, respectively.

Is this correct?

Yes, that sounds correct.