How to add a OH1 binding addon to OH2


I’m looking at the possibility of adding an add-on called Zibase on my OH2 setup. I am not able to find guidelines on how I should do that nor info on how safe this is… Can you please direct me to the right place to look at?

The addon I’m interested in is Zibase Binding. I’m looking for the right files that I should download and don’t find anything obvious:-(



Next time try the search first :wink: we are always glad to help after you did your own homework.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I did search and multiple times but did not find this doc… Not sure why I did not bump into this one. Thanks again, will read carefully.

Ok, I did read the thing and it seems that this is all written for someone who already has (or used to have) openhab 1.x running with some addons that are not officially supported by OH 2 and who is trying to basically upgrade the setup to OH2.
And so that I need to recover some config files from the OH1.x setup to move them manually to OH2 setup.

My case seems to be different as I’m starting from scratch with OH2… and there is an addon I’m interested in that is 1.x only that I’d like to install on OH2 directly.

Is it me or this case is not documented?


Which addon?
If you check PaperUI>Configuration>System>Add-on Management there is an option for Include Legacy 1.x Bindings

Then you can install 1.X Add-on like normal 2.X Add-on

My understanding is that legacy option is ONLY for bindings that have ver 1.x and v2 versions. If no v2 exsists then paper ui should allow the v1 to be installed without changing that option.

To answer the OP.

You can use paper ui to install bindings or you can add them manually if you have the JAR file. Paper ui is easier if new to openhab. That link to the docs will cover all this.

Hi BrutalBirdie, thanks for the tip. I had looked at it early at the beginning of my setting up OH2 but forgot about this flag…
After turning this on, the add-on I was interested in still does not show up so I guess it is not supported…

I was looking for Zibase Binding.