How to add a Webcam (Foscam IP)?

Dear all,

what is the right way to add my Webcam to the HABPanel in oH2? I thought formerly it works with webview in a sitemap.

Should i now use frame, image or template?


@Heiko_Fanieng, if your Foscam camera supports MJStream you could use Image widget and just add foscam url like: http://ip-address/cgi-bin/CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream&usr=&pwd=

one point to note is that the iOS app’s image widget is buggy and often fails to update and/or distorts the image. Sadly the app doesn’t seem to be developed any more…

just FYI: Foscam FI9900P doesn´t support MJstream.

Maybe this thread is helpful (FI9900P via ffmpeg and rtsp):

Just adjust the IP-adress and path to the stream of your cam…

Hello, I would like to use my camera foscam via website, if somebody get embedded foscam C1 and How you did, please help?

As far as I know Foscam C1 (and C2) does not have MJPEG streaming available which is mandatory to make it work through the image widget. In such case you may need to work only with some snapshots or try Zoneminder and Zoneminder binding which I’m not sure of available capabilities in terms of C1 camera.

You don’t need the ZM binding. Just need to point the frame URL to the ZM stream.

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The url format is:

Create and image item, fill the VARs and use it in the URL atribute on the image item.


  • “:PORT” only if is diferent from 443 (https standard).
  • Use the snapPicture2 to avoid non image format data.

I think ONVIF binding is needed on openhab to talk to standard cameras and control movement, voice, recording and other functions.