How to add additional links/apps to the <openhab>:8080/start/index page

I have a few other web applications on the server that openhab is runnning on different ports, e.g. a logitechmediaserver, access point configuration software etc.

What I would like to have now is one starting page for all those different webapps. Is there any chance to integrate new Icons/links on the openhab starting page (<ip:port>/start/index)?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: ix86-64
    • OS: Ubuntu 17.10 server
    • Java Runtime Environment:
    • openHAB version: 2.2

Thanks and keep up that fantastic work!

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Not at this time.

You would probably be better served creating your own landing page and adding links to the OH UIs and your other apps there anyway as any additional app you added to the OH landing page would not work outside your LAN.

Thanks for your answer, Rich.
I have no need to access the other apps outside the LAN.

As a workaround, I am thinking of copying and modifying the landing page to /static.
Would it then be possible to redirect / to /static/index?

Not that I’m aware.

Hey @cnmayr,

There is a way to add external links to the dashboard (/start/index)

See this topic - Addon to add external links to openHAB dashboard

Here’s the issue on openHABian repo - you can use Base64 encoded images too -

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I searched and didn’t find that post. I need to up my searching game. Thanks!

I need to do something like this. I have SOOOOOO many web UIs to manage now and I can’t keep them straight. I was going to write a nginx web dashboard to centralize them all but this might do until I get around to that.

Thanks a lot, @kubawolanin, that’s perfect!
I did also an extensive search but didn’t find that.

It isn’t clear from that thread. Is there a separate binding to install or do we just need to be running a build of 2.2 SNAPSHOT beyond a certain number? I’m on build 988 (I wanted to work on updating the Docker script to make upgrades easier before I upgrade and haven’t had the time). I tried to create a dashboard.cfg and populate it with Grafana as a first test and nothing appears.

Hmm, this feature was merged to openhab-core repo on Aug 18th.
So you will need a newer build of 2.2 SNAPSHOT to try it out.

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