How to add motion Ikea motion sensor through zigbee2mqtt?

Hello fellow openHab enthousiasts,

I am fairly new to the openhab scene, but I have some stuff running (ikea tradfri for now).
Because I want to make my own rules and mix different hardware in my home automation, I chose to use mqtt with zigbee2mqtt for my current Tradfri hardware.

It’s working surprisingly well, kudos to the developers of zigbee2mqtt!

But there is one product I have not found any information about, and that is the Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor.
The developers of zigbee2mqtt have found a way to be able to use it, without the motion sensor having to connect directly to the light bulbs (legendary!).
Check out the following link GitHub issue: GitHub Issue

I was wondering if there has been someone, who already got this working in OpenHab and wants to share his / her wisdom with the public (including me :)).
Or if there is someone willing to help me in the right direction, to get this thing fired up.

I have it connected and it’s working as expected. It was paired the same way as any other device - you do a factory reset of it and it’ll pair automatically with zigbee2mqtt.

{"occupancy":true,"linkquality":99,"battery":100} -> when triggered
{"occupancy":false,"linkquality":99,"battery":100} -> triggered after set time expired

Do you have the device? If you do, did you try to pair it?

Thanks your reply!

I do have it paired already, I was looking for the configuration in openhab itself.
The item config and maybe a rule for example. Can you show me aan example?

Can anyone show an example?
I’m also stuck at the config in openhab with mqtt2.4.