How to add openhab 2 add-ons in openhab 3

hi all. ive just upgraded to openhab 3 and I’m unable to drag and drop .jar files into the addon folder anymore. ive fixed the permissions through openhabian cut still unable to drag and drop items into the addon folder. how to we do this now?

OH2 bindings do not work in OH3.


With openHAB 3 a huge part of its simplification is due to the removal of the 1.x compatibility layer. All bindings now work exactly the same way and the user decides on how they wish to configure their system, either textually or through a UI. To make sure that nobody is left behind by this move, many 1.x bindings have been reimplemented (opens new window)for openHAB 3. For the rest, it is possible to keep an old 2.x instance running while integrating it into a new 3.0 setup - see the openHAB outposts below.

OpenHAB 3 bindings work well in the addons folder. If you run OH2 with your bindings you can use the remoteopenhab binding to control the OH2 Items in OH3.

Ok sweet, thanks I’ll see if I can pull out a raspbery Pi and get a oh2 install working for the couple of bindings that don’t support oh3. My problem is tho I’ve tried from both my MacBook and also my Mac mini and it won’t allow me to drag and drop any files onto the add-on share on oh3 it has a little greyed out icon in finder where the mouse cursor is. That’s why I assumed it was some kind of a permission error,