How to add UI addons like HABmin?

I installed Eclipse, downloaded Maven, Oracle JDK 8 and followed all the steps here. I went to localhost:8080 and wanted to select the HABmin interface but it’s not available by default it seems?

I only have the ones shown on the image. So I downloaded HABmin from here and imported the project into Eclipse, it was added under the OH2 Add-ons project. I compiled again and run openHAB but the UI is not in the selection, how do I add HABmin? I suppose it’s the same procedure for all the addons but I only found how to do it for already installed system through the UI and in this case, the UI for installing addons seems like a dummy one, just for demonstration.

I can’t :frowning2:, it’s just a dummy UI for demo:

You have to install it. Go to PaperUI, Add-ons, and you will find Habmin listed under the User Interfaces tab. What you have done so far makes Habmin available to OH to install without downloading it over the Internet, but you still have to tell OH to install it.

It doesn’t appear under add-ons, how do I manually install it?

Ok, I finally did it! After watching this video I learned that you have to add the imported project as a plugin, after that OH automatically detects it and I can select it as a UI!