How to add virtual items to properties (Property)?

i have some virtual items that i will like to add to properties page (Property)
is it possible?

There really is no such thing as a “virtual item”. There are Items. Some Items are linked to one or more Channels from a Thing but that doesn’t make them somehow different from Items that are not linked to anything. The only difference is where these Items get their states from.

All Items are made a part of the model through tags. Items are positioned in the model based on Group membership.

The Properties tab shows those Items that are a part of the semantic model that have a Properties tag, grouping those with the same property into the same card.

So all you do is add a Point and Property tag to your Item and it will appear on the Properties tab.


thank you for the detailed explanation.
Is there a custom Property tag option?

No, there are no custum tags available.
Here’s a list of all possible semantic tags:
openhab-core/SemanticTags.csv at main · openhab/openhab-core (

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