How to add VStarCam based devices as a binding to OpenHAB

Dear openHAB Community,

I am kind of a beginner in the IoT using openHAB.

Recently I have started using openHAB Eclipse Smart Home Designer. I am able to see and use couple of openHAB bindings such as Philips Hue bindings to turn -off and turn-on the Philips lighting system.

I am also working with the VStarcam C37-AR Alarm IP Camera for Smart Home IoT Solution. I want to add this device as a binding to OpenHAB and control the same.

Could you please list down the steps involved and what it takes to achieve this task.

Is there any template code that can I follow ? It would be of great help for me.

Thanks in advance.


Take a look here.
Example code can be found in the openHAB addons repository on Github.
I think the binding is work in progress and is specific to ONVIF protocol (which is supported by your camera), not to vstarcam
There has been a discussion here:

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Hi George,

Thanks for your inputs