How to analyze Z-Wave Aeotec Gen5 Stick

I am in the process of migrating to OH3 from OH2.x. I was able to setup my Aeotec Gen5 stick. Most of my Fibaro devices have been detected by the binding. However, I am struggling with my Flood Sensor as well as one Motion Sensor. I woke them up, replaced the battery etc. While trying to analyze problems, I realized that Habmin does not seem to be supported anymore. I am pretty sure the devices are included in my stick (they worked on OH 2.5).
Is there any way to view or change the configuration of the Z-Wave stick? There some hints in the forum with respect to the Flood sensor, e.g. setting the lifeline parameter. How can I do that? The thing configuration does not show that param.

What wold be way to analyze or debug the problem?

If they are already included, give them some time.

I have had some issues with one fibaro motion sensor with older firmware too. This one I needed to reinclude.

Sometimes a click on heal device and some wake ups (wake up, wait 10 s wake up again, ca. 3-5 times) helps too.

The flood sensor I don’t have any experience with.

Specially to your question: I would first read the things via api and would have a look if the device still is on Requesting nif or not

How can I heal a device which has not been detected?
And for the stick, I cannot initiate the healing directly but only change the time of healing.

Probably all that’s required is to wake up the device, but make sure it’s really waking up.

What functionality are you missing? If it’s the log viewer, then that is here -:

The stick has no configuration that you can change (ie it has no configuration at all :slight_smile: ).

Please take a look at the docs - they describe how to enable debug logging, then you can view the logs in the viewer I linked above.

You can’t - you need to detect the device first (no device == nothing to heal :slight_smile: ).

The stick has no configuration that you can change (ie it has no configuration at all :slight_smile: ).
Ok then my wording is either wrong or I most probably have a complete lack of understanding of how the Z-Wave network works. I always thought, that as part of the inclusion process, the stick stores at least information about the included devices.

Based on that I thought migrating from OH2.5 to OH3 would be easy in that respect… just plug in my old stick into the new Raspi with OH3, configure the bridge, add things and channels.
So what really puzzles me is that one of the motion sensors is not being detected while on the old setup (same stick) it works.

Can you hint me at where my misunderstanding is?

As mentioned earlier, probably it is related to the device not being woken up so that it can complete initialisation. The binding needs to completely rediscover all the data about devices, and for this battery devices that you are having trouble with will need to be woken up a number of times.

Excluded the motion and my flood sensor and included them again. Rebooted the system and now they are discovered!