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Hi Guys @vzorglub @rlkoshak @H102 @5iver

A lot of you have helped me get OH2 up and running and over several hurdles on my ESP8266 boards and external sensors. I think I have got it down to about 30 steps with screenshots on adding a DHT11 with temperature and humidity readings for one room using MQTT 2.4. Once I get this all put together, I was wondering if I could have someone to look it over to make sure I’m taking too long to explain how to do this or errors in my instructions before I post to this section?


John Frankforther


Go ahead and post it and we can help you edit it. All of my tutorials are too long. I like to be very thorough. So don’t worry too much about that.

If you’d rather not have the edits be public (I think there is benefit to that as it shows how all of this stuff is an iterative process) you can send it as a pm.

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If I have posted a question, received a response on suggestions and recommendations. What is the best way to follow up? I think if I reply to myself three times or more, I’ll get a little nag telling me I’m hogging the topic. I am taking the approach of editing my last entry to add information iteratively. In a current post, I replied, I updated once, and I updated again. Is this the proper approach? Will admins/contributors “see” these updates or will my updates and additional questions potentially go unnoticed, or at least for a longer period of time (e.g., days vs. hours)? Sure, I’m impatient, but I also want to know that I’m using the proper method that will receive warranted “attention”.



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Don’t worry about the forum nags. Every time you add a reply we get a notification. Not for an edit. Several successive posts also show the incremental solution and that will help future readers.


Post away my friend. We can give feedback and you can then edit the original post. Or we can make it a wiki so that others can edit and add.

Thanks for these steps.


It looks like the HA folks have adopted this tutorial for posting a good question too. :wink: Don’t worry, they credited this post.