How to backup bindings configuration

I have few devices on openHab, and when one of them goes out, the most annoying thing to do is to rebind all the connect zwave devices again,

I was wondering if there is a folder/file where there is the configuration of those bindings and their channel etc so I can save ti and when I replace Sd card for example I just copy the file back or something,

I can make copies of the SD cards but there is too many for that.

Any one has an idea on how this can be done or where is it saved?


I don’t understand what you mean by

OH config is permanent so you don’t have to “rebind” (whatever you mean to express by that).

You can backup all of the OH config using openhab-cli backup on the shell CLI.

And I strongly suggest to go read the docs.

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Thank you very much, for your response, what I meant is that if let’s say for some reason I want to use if my RPI is lost and need to make a replacement for it, I would like to have some sort backup of all things connect and their name so I don’t have to pair all the things again.

That’s what it does.
If you want a backup of the full system (your SD card), use openHABian and Amanda.

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