How to best refresh Habian installation through git

Hi all,
I have Habian (OH2.5) running on a laptop with Debian. After the upgrade I had trouble with my usb-ports of zwave and the dsmr-binding getting mixed up. After trying to get things working with no success, I stopped the laptop, and have been living in a dumb house ever since. I just had too little time and was too frustrated to start again.
Now, 3 months later, I want to try and revive my HAbian. But I have no idea what screw ups I have made back then, so I want to start over. There must be a way to get the git-clone in again I think? And get a fresh HABIAN? But I do not know how. I tryed just repeating the steps:

sudo git clone /opt/openhabian
sudo ln -s /opt/openhabian/ /usr/local/bin/openhabian-config

But that doesn’t work (directory exists and not empty).
The only way I see, is installing Debian again and starting over. Is there an easier and quicker way?

There is a selection (top one?) in openhabian-config to update itself. I think it does that automatically when running ot anyway.

Well openHABian should update itself when starting openhabian-config (with sudo of course).

For update off of the git repository, move to the path /opt/openhabian and use the command

sudo git pull

to update from repository.

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Sorry again for reacting so late. I just don’t have enough time and too many hobbies!
But I wasn’t clear I think.

My core problem is that I cannot get my zwave to work because the usb-port-dropdown is not listing the right usb. I already tried setting java_extra_ops but it doesn’t help me.
My zwave did work out of the box, all went south wen I plugged in my dsmr (dutch smart meter) usb-cable. I do not remember what I have tried and what I can have done wrong in the past.
So my solution is to go back to the way my laptop was, when I first pulled the repository from git.I thought this would give me a clean oh-install again.
But when I now do ‘sudo git pull’ it will tell me everytrhing is already up to date.

UPDATE: I FINALLY got my zwave working: I used an axtension cable that apparently got broken when I moved the laptop around for updating openhab! I now have the zwave-stick pluged in directly and it immediately gets the right usb-setting in the dropdown. Nothing to change in java-extra-opts and no reason left to start over with a fresh install of habian.