How to build own modified binding for OH3

I need to insert some new datapoints in Modbus Studer binding.
I have done it diretcly on Github repository, but this is wrong because I’m not authorised to do changes.
OH Modbus Studer Binding changes

Via gitclone I can download sourcecode of a last valid version.
Then I make locally insertion of some new rows in editor.

My question: How to locally compile a new jar file.
I can do it directly on raspberry ? I have also on Windows10 Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 installed.
Do I need Eclipse for developer or something else like compiler, libraries etc. please ?
I found some old instruction:

I found this docu:
developer docu
Thanks for help. Maybe can somewhere teach me how it is a little source improvement succesfully compiled via Anydesk or Teamviewer remote session on a Windows computer with VS ?