How to calculate power consumption from different items

Dear all,

I have some Blitzwolf smart plugs running tasmota firmware.
How can one calculate the power consumption for all items in order to get the total consumption for e.g. washing machine, dryer, dishwasher?

The items are reporting like this:

WASHINGM_Total changed from 10.463 to 10.464
DRYER_Total changed from 2.136 to 2.137

You might use a rule to add all of them up, when any one of them changes. You might store the result in an Item, so that you could use it in UI, other rules, or persist it for charting etc.

Or, you might use a Group Item to do the work with a group function of SUM, and all your targets as members.


This works fine for me - thanks!

Group:Number:SUM Gkwhsum "Energie total [%.3f kW]"	<energy>

Number KE_x_pow1_Total 	     "Keller: Luftentfeuchter Total [%.3f kWh]"      <dsonoff>    (gM,gR,Gsonoff,Gkwhsum)	{ channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:sonoff_XXXX:Sonoff_XXXX_total" }
Number EG_bad_x_bw3_Total 	 "Bad EG: Trockner - Total [%.3f kWh]"       	<dblitzwolf>    (gM,gR,Gblitzwolf,Gkwhsum)      { channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:YYYY:YYYY_total" }
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